I’m starting a food blog! My resolution this year is to make stuff and bake stuff, so i’m putting this together as a way to keep myself accountable. I won’t really be publicizing this for a while til I get things figured out, and there will definitely be bumps in this road, but I’m super excited to get started CRUSHING THIS.

This site is going to be a combination of aspirational cooking challenges and personal pinterest fails. My goal here is to bake more challenging things, keep a list of things I want to try, test recipes from others and show what happens when regular people – not professionals – make stuff. I’ll be developing a rating system for recipes to show how easy/hard they are, highlighting hard to find ingredients/equipment you might need to do different projects, showing the actual time it took to make things, How much clean up there was (aka time needed) and having taste testers (aka kids and my wife’s coworkers) rate the end results. There will also be places for people to post challenges, and I’m hoping to do a “baking challenge of the month” cook-along where we can all rate each other’s attempts. I’ll also be keeping tabs on my nemesis, my sourdough bread starter, which is currently being grounded in the fridge.  I also tend to curse alot whilst baking… so apologies for those of you who are sensitive. probably go read someone else’s stuff, there are literally thousands of baking blogs.  Statistically that sets me up for failure but….

I laugh in the face of failure. the surest way to fail is to not start. generally, as long as there is enough sugar in something, it can’t be but so bad.

Let’s start baking!

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